Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

The most convenient economical way to obtain molecular hydrogen rich water is to


Advanced Technology & Science


Hydrogen Rich Water

Unique design that produces a high concentration (800 -1200 ppb) of dissolved molecular hydrogen into water, within a few minutes 

  • Superior SPE/PEM technology – means it can be used with all types of water, tap water, mineral, reverse osmosis, distilled, bottled water and preferable filtered water
  • Portable size – for use on the go. Bring on a walk, in the car, to the workplace, the gym, on holidays etc.
  • Hydrogen is generated into the water during the electrolysis process

Drinking Guidelines:

  • Can be consumed every day around the clock, there are no side effects.
  • The more water you drink the better.

Unleash The Power Of Molecular Hydrogen Water


  • Portable, super easy to use on the go
  • Uses the latest SPE/PEM membrane technology, hydrogen and oxygen are fully separated
  • Electrodes disinfectant cleaning system (EDC)
  • High grade titanium & platinum coated electrodes
  • Entire food grade BPA free materials
  • Hydrogen bubbles in the water are visable during usage
  • High quality rechargable polymer lithium battery