Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

The most convenient economical way to obtain molecular hydrogen rich water is to


Advanced Technology & Science

Generates Health & Life - Changing

Hydrogen Rich Water

Unique design that produces a high concentration (800 -1200 ppb) of dissolved molecular hydrogen into water, within a few minutes 

  • Superior SPE/PEM technology – means it can be used with all types of water, tap water, mineral, reverse osmosis, distilled, bottled water and preferable filtered water
  • Portable size – for use on the go. Bring on a walk, in the car, to the workplace, the gym, on holidays etc.
  • Hydrogen is generated into the water during the electrolysis process
  • Drinking the water immediately maximizes the health benefits

What can Q-Life hydrogen rich water do for you?

Molecular Hydrogen is the smallest anti-oxidant in the universe. This allows it to penetrate deep into your cells which promotes healthy cell growth, repair, protection, and renewal. This process maintains peak cellular performance, the key to ensure you stay healthy

  • Improves hydration levels (up to 6 times better than regular water)
  • Beats fatigue - significantly boosts your energy levels
  • Normalizes blood glucose levels – helps all diabetic suffers
  • Increases absorption of nutrients & supplements at cellular level
  • Super - antioxidant effects - 100 times more effective than vitamin c
  • Protects cells from free radical and DNA damage
  • Maintains a healthy body weight - Regulates the hunger hormone, ghrelin
  • Minimizes pain - anti- inflammatory effects on the whole body
  • Improves gastrointestinal function
  • Remarkable benefits on gut health / flora – strengthens gut wall
  • Immune system mechanism increases by 60%
  • Improves sports performance and recovery – less lactic acid
  • Anti-aging – protects the cells from free radical damage
  • Many brain / neurological disorders improve – crosses blood brain barrier
  • Better retention and memory function – we all need that!!!

And lots more: See our researched health benefits page

Drinking Guidelines:

  • Can be consumed every day around the clock, there are no side effects.
  • The more water you drink infused with hydrogen the better, especially if you have the late stages of cancer
  • There is no toxicity to Hydrogen water because the by - product of the free radical neutralizing reaction is water. This provides more hydration to the cells.

Unleash The Power Of Molecular Hydrogen Water


  • Portable, super easy to use on the go
  • Turns any drinking water into hydrogen water instantly
  • Uses the latest SPE/PEM membrane technology, hydrogen and oxygen are fully separated
  • Electrodes disinfectant cleaning system (EDC)
  • High grade titanium & platinum coated electrodes
  • Entire food grade BPA free materials
  • Hydrogen bubbles in the water are visable during usage
  • High quality rechargable polymer lithium battery

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