Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

The most convenient economical way to obtain molecular hydrogen rich water is to


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Molecular Hydrogen Water is a powerful antioxidant

Water test showing that molecular hydrogen water is a powerful antioxidant

Un-boxing and how to use the Q-Life molecular hydrogen infuser

Water demonstration showing the Q-Life produces 800-1200ppm of dissolvable molecular hydrogen

Misconceptions about Molecular Hydrogen Water

Qlife unique design produces a high concentration (800 -1200 ppb) of dissolved molecular hydrogen into water, within a few minutes 


  • You can drink hydrogen infused water immediately which increases the benefits.
  • You’re in control of the quality of water you drink ‘on the go’.
  • Light and elegant - bring to the gym, workplace, hiking, car, holidays etc.
  • Easily attached to any bottle of water.


  • Hydrates deep into cells.
  • Reduces inflammation aids healing.
  • Powerful, natural antioxidant.
  • Faster muscle recovery post exercise
  • Mental clarity and increased energy


Superior SPE/PEM technology grade titanium & platinum coated electrodes means:

  • Hydrogen and oxygen are fully separated this is why it produces antioxidant water.
  • Electrodes disinfectant cleaning system allows you make disinfectant water.
  • Entire food grade BPA free materials
  • High quality rechargeable battery.


Q: What type of water do I use?

A: You can use all types of water – tap water, reverse osmosis, bottled, home distilled is preferrable as it removes any lime.

Q: How much hydrogen water can I drink daily?

A: You cannot take too much because it’s a natural occurring substance to the body.


  • Use phone charger to re-charge.
  • Clean with citric acid every 1-2 months depending on lime levels in source water.


  • Cheaper brands that do not have titanium on the electrodes (some claim they do) causes:
    1. Electrodes to rust after use for a few weeks and hydrogen concentration lessens.
    2. If there are screws showing on the electrode it’s another tell-tale sign it’s not titanium, plus steel screws release toxins into the water.
    3. Make sure to ask for certification.
  • If the bottle does not have SPE/PEM membrane technology:
    1. Chlorine and ozone will release into the water leaving a bad taste.
    2. Some with SPE/PEM are poorly designed with no gas escape valve resulting in spillage.
  • Some use double sided cheaper glass bottles not designed for a generator.
    1. It makes the bottle heavier, and it holds less water.
    2. It will not fit properly causing leakages.

Testimonial: Tywon Hubb

Q-Cup Max is our latest portable hydrogen water generator. If you are looking for a generator that makes extremely high H2 concentration, the Q Cup Max portable hydrogen water generator would be the best pick.  It is our best seller.  It's designed to build internal pressure which makes extremely high H2 concentration/hydrogen water.  There is only one mode to use for the machine.  It's simple and easy to operate.

Review by Tywon Hubb

Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

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