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Q-Life – Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

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Unique design that produces a high concentration (800 -1200 ppb) of dissolved molecular hydrogen into water, within a few minutes  

  • Superior SPE/PEM technology – means it can be used with all types of water, tap water, mineral, reverse osmosis, distilled, and any filtered water
  • Portable size – for use on the go. Bring on a walk, in the car, to the workplace, the gym, on holidays etc.
  • Molecular Hydrogen is the smallest antioxidant in the universe
  • It’s super antioxidant effects makes it 100 times more effective than vitamin c
  • Toxins / waste move easily out of the cell – nutrients move inside the cell
  • Feel more energy, less inflammation, quality sleep, and better memory
  • Up to 6 times more hydration properties than regular water

Scientific studies, articles and publications now show molecular hydrogen infused in water has amazing health benefits.


  • Cheaper brands that do not have titanium on the electrodes (some claim they do) causes:
    1. Electrodes to rust after use for a few weeks and hydrogen concentration lessens.
    2. If there are screws showing on the electrode it’s another tell-tale sign it’s not titanium, plus steel screws release toxins into the water.
    3. Make sure to ask for certification.
  • If the bottle does not have SPE/PEM membrane technology:
    1. Chlorine and ozone will release into the water leaving a bad taste.
    2. Some with SPE/PEM are poorly designed with no gas escape valve resulting in spillage.
  • Some use double sided cheaper glass bottles not designed for a generator.
    1. It makes the bottle heavier, and it holds less water.
    2. It will not fit properly causing leakages.
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