Chanson Miracle Max Water Ioniser


Since 1979 Chanson a 4th generation Company from Taiwan and leading experts in water ionizers have been working towards a goal which is to provide people with the best and purest hydrating drinking water in the world.

The Chanson Miracle Max Over Counter Ionizer

  • The Miracle Max produces 500ppb of dissolvable molecular hydrogen which is the smallest anti-oxidant molecule in existence
  • The Patent Radical Action De-Calcification Self-Cleaning System (RAD) activates after each use – keeps plates clean
  • Built in seven of the largest 99.998% pure titanium plates with high quality Nano coating
  • Fitted with a chemical free silver-impregnated coconut shell carbon block filter which produces superior filtration

FREE Water Bottle with each order

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Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 33 × 40 cm

14 cm

Effective flow rate

2 – 2.5 litres per minute

Water PH range

2.5 – 11.8


plus 1,000 – minus 850



Power Consumption

50 – 125 watts

Filter Use

approximately 9000 litres over 12 months




4.2 kg

Health Care Ireland

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