Pregnancy Massage

Helen Coe Health Care – ‘Providing Another Way to Heal’

Pregnancy Massage, Pre-Natal Mum – to – be Massage and Post-Natal Treatments:

Treatment Information:

  • Treatments can be safely administered from three months onwards.
  • Treatments are tailored to meet the various stages and symptoms associated
    within the 9 month pregnancy period.
  • Pregnancy massage involves side lying with maximum support and comfort.



Pre-Natal Mum to Be Massage (1 hour) - €70.00

Specialized soothing pregnancy massage strokes relieve tension and discomfort in the shoulders, upper and lower back and hip area.

Leg and Foot Massage (35 mins) - €45.00

This treatment helps with some of the symptoms that may cause a problem later in the pregnancy. It reduces fluid retention which lessens swollen ankles and leg cramps.

Face and Head Massage (30 mins) - €45.00

This treatment is particularly beneficial towards the end of the pregnancy when sleep can be disrupted. Deep relaxation strokes help soothe body and mind.

Post–Natal Massage (60 mins) - €70.00

Post–Natal relaxing massage strokes help Mum’s body to ‘return to normal’ by balancing hormone levels, normalizing stretched muscles and help with sleep deprivation !!!

“ I felt great relief from the aches and pains that I experienced during my pregnancy. After two treatments I was sleeping better and I certainly felt a lot more comfortable”.

Brid, Carlow


Helen Coe Health Care  ‘Providing Another Way to Heal’.

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