Ionized Alkaline Water explained

Since 1979 Chanson a 4th generation Company from Taiwan and leading experts in water ionizers have been working towards a goal which is to provide people with the best and purest hydrating drinking water in the world.

Your normal water supply is easily plumbed into this device which is called an Ionizer. This device sits comfortably under your sink.The Ionizer has an anti-bacterial filter insert which clears chlorine, bad odours and other contaminants.


The filtered water passes across five specially designed titanium plates and separates the water into two separate streams of water. This amazing technological process is where H20 (water which has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom) splits into:

  1. OH – One atom of oxygen and one atom of hydrogen negatively charged which produces ALKALINE WATER for drinking.
  2. HO – One atom of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen which produces ACID WATER. It is used on the skin and has other uses.

Helen Coe Healthcare is the sole distributor for Chanson Water Ionizers and Filters in Ireland.


The pH Scale

pH means ‘potential hydrogen’
The measuring scale is logarithmic, meaning each full point increases or decreases by a factor of 10, rather than a single unit. For example:

pH8 is 10 times more alkaline than pH7.

NOTE – Normal tap water is between pH7 – pH8.

Water below 7pH is acidic. It is used on the skin, it has anti-bacterial properties and a host of other uses.

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