Helens 5 Year Warranty

Chanson Water Ionizer

Limited 5 Year Product Warranty

The warranty covers only the original purchaser of Chanson Ionizers and is non-transferable. Repair work will be done by the service centre operated by Helen Coe Health Care, the exclusive Irish importer of Chanson products and by the manufacturer if needed.

The Chanson 5 year limited warranty covers all 7-plate ionizer models including VS-70, Miracle Max., and Miracle Max. Royale Ioniser.

Warranty Coverage:

Important: Please read the owner’s manual and watch the installation videos before attempting to use your ionizer, as Chanson and the distributor are not responsible for any damages that may occur or for additional costs that may be incurred during installation.

The limited 5 year product warranty covers all failures due to defects in materials and / or workmanship which can occur during normal use, according to the following conditions:

  1. Proof of purchase must be presented along with the serial number of the device upon request with all warranty claims
  2. For the first five years from the date of purchase the 5 year warranty covers all parts and labour limited to defects in materials and manufacturing
  3. After 5 years from date of purchase, defective parts will be replaced at no cost for the life of the ionizer, but the owner must pay labour charges
  4. Every attempt will be made to repair a defective unit, but Helen Coe Health Care reserves the right to replace it at its own discretion with an equivalent ionizer if the unit cannot be repaired 

Limitations and Exclusions

Warning: Never attempt to service the machine yourself as this will void your warranty and could cause serious bodily harm. All Chanson ionizers and Chanson faucets are factory sealed. Warranty is void if the ionizer or faucet factory seal has been broken or removed by any unauthorized personnel.

  1. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damage caused by floods, under the sink or overhead plumbing leaks (see water leak liability statement). These events can cause water to enter the machine. Please be sure you have no plumbing leaks before installing the ionizer. The ionizer can be repaired at owner’s expense if such an incident were to occur.
  2. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damage caused by the failure to replace filters in a timely manner or by improper handling of the ionizer during filter replacement. The filter not only cleans the water but protects the ionizer from damage caused by particulates in the water. Intervals between filter replacements should never exceed 12 months. Please refer to the owner’s manual for product-specific maintenance details.
  3. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damage to the electrolysis chamber if periodic cleaning of the plates with citric acid has not been carried out according to the maintenance instructions included with your ionizer.

Note: Maintenance requirements to keep your ionizer working under optimal conditions may vary due to local water conditions and volume of water usage. Check with your dealer for details and recommendations (not following these recommendations will leave your warranty void).

  1. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, abuse neglect, or mishandling such as accidentally dropping the unit or knocking into the unit with heavy objects. It also does not cover any alterations done on faulty installations, improper adjustment of set-up controls, or improper maintenance on Ionizers of filters.
  2. Limited 5 year warranty excludes introduction of foreign objects into the ionizer by humans. A non-exhaustive list of examples includes sand, rock and salts. When using minerals in a mineral basket, please ask your local dealer about the type of minerals they recommend for your machine. Make sure to use the mineral basket according to proper installation instructions.
  3. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damage caused by lightning strikes, power surges, and faulty circuitry in a customer’s electrical system, fire, flood, or natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes or other acts of God.
  4. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damage which occurs during shipping or handling the machine.
  5. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover the exterior finish on the ionizer or faucet. The ionizer and faucet finish is extremely durable and under normal use will last many years. DO NOT use harsh detergents of scrubbing type cleaners to clean the exterior or the faucet; a damp clean paper towel followed by a dry paper towel will restore a perfect finish to the ionizer and/or faucet.
  6. Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damage caused by setting the TDS (total dissolved solids) value to greater than 14 (applicable to all ionizers except the Miracle Max). There is a special adjustment of TDS in the back menu mentioned on the installation video. This allows customers in different areas to fine tune their ionizer according to local water hardness conditions. Setting of 1 for the hardest water; setting of 14 is for very soft water. Never set the TDS value above 14.

10.Limited 5 year warranty does not cover any damage caused by commercial type usage on all ionizers. Commercial type usage means letting the machine run for more than 20 minutes at a time or for more than 4 hours a day. Chanson ionizers are built to last, however they are primarily designed for residential use. Only the Miracle Max model can be used in light commercial applications.

11.Limited 5 year warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive water pressure above 60psi. All ionizer units that have a solenoid valve to turn the water on and off at the ionizer (VS-70, and Miracle Max) will not operate/function correctly at pressure above 60psi. Check your water pressure with your plumber.

12.Limited 5 year warranty only covers a registered plumber to fit all installations.

13.Limited 5 year warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the ionizer.

Water Leak Liability Statement

Neither Chanson Water Co. Ltd nor Helen Coe Health Care make any warranty, explicit or implied, with regard to damage caused by water leaks of any kind. By installing a Chanson pre-filter or water ionizer you agree to hold Chanson and Helen Coe Health Care blameless for any water damage caused by leaking water for any reason. This includes work done by Chanson employees, distributors, dealers, affiliates, or hired contractors.

Recommendations to avoid water leaks:

  1. Check ionizer and pre-filters for water leaks multiple times over the first week following installation as most plumbing leaks happen within the first 24 hours.
  2. For installations that are plumbed directly into the cold water line under the sink, we strongly recommend that installation be done by a licensed contractor.
  3. For added peace of mind, you can install a leak detection device that will sound an alarm and shut off water supply to the pre-filters and ionizer when a leak is detected.
  4. When going on holiday or leaving home for any length of time, it is advisable to shut off the water supply to the ionizer and pre-filters.
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