Healing & Wellness Day

Helen Coe Healthcare - Healing & Wellness Day


10.00am - Start your day by exercising on the Helen Coe Rebounder

  • Rebounding is a fun way to start the day
  • Improves circulation and clears toxins
  • Low impact on the joints
  • Any age can use the rebounder


10.30am - Time to Relax – Full Body Hot Stone Massage Treatment

  • Hot stones produce a soothing effect
  • Feel tension releasing from your body and mind
  • Feel nurtured by calm soothing strokes


12.30am - Enjoy a tasty healthy organic lunch

  • Wholesome soups, mixed fresh salads etc.
  • Only pure organic ingredients
  • Note: Any special dietary needs considered


1.30pm - Nutrition Consultation

  • Individual assessment to suit your needs
  • Certain conditions require specific products
  • Our products & supplements treat the body at cellular level


2.30pm - Aroma Touch with Healing Essential Oils

Aroma Touch Technique  – A Clinical Approach to Essential Oil Application

  • Developed by Dr. David Hill, a leading expert in essential oils
  • Oils applied to the back and feet
  • A systematic use of eight specific oils
  • Addressing stress, immune support, inflammation and balance
  • Supports healthy emotional and physiological well-being


3.30pm - Meditation

  • Learn simple relaxation techniques

4.00pm – Time to go home and start living a renewed life


Please Note: