Citric Acid Wash Cleaning Procedure for Ionizer

1. Before you start make sure you have:
   a. Citric acid (buy in pharmacy or baking section of supermarket)
   b. A towel to wipe any splashes of water from filter compartment
   c. A basin / wide vessel to pour water from filter compartment
   d. A saucepan to dilute water and citric acid
   e. Rubber gloves – to keep filter sterile

2. Open the compartment on the side of the Ionizer which slides upwards to access the Ionizer filter and gently tilt the white filter housing outwards.

3. Hold onto the filter housing securely with one hand and unscrew the filter cap with the other hand (this can be tight – you may need help). While twisting make sure the filter housing does not twist. The filter is attached to the bottom side of the cap. Then to remove attached filter twist it ΒΌ inch and remove the filter and the clear flat rubber disc that sits on top of the filter and place in a sterile location (use rubber gloves for this). Do not re-install filter or clear flat rubber disc on top of the filter cartridge until entire process is completed.

4. Tilt the machine (ionizer) over towards the filter door and drain most of the water into a basin.

5. Heat one cup of tap water or distilled water, not boiling temperature, but similar to a cup of tea/coffee.

6. Mix 2 heaped tablespoons of citric acid powder into the saucepan of water and stir until dissolved. Make sure the citric acid is dissolved.

7. Let the mixture cool, then pour the mixture into the white filter cup and just screw the filter cap on (do not install the filter cartridge).

8. Depending on the Ionizer you have press the 7ph neutral / purify button and then press power. It is very important not to start the faucet on any alkaline or acid setting, this can damage your Ionizer.

9. Once you press power let the water run for 5-6 seconds. This allows the citric acid solution flow into the electrolysis chamber, then press the power button to shut off.

10. Let the unit soak for 60 minutes.

11. After 60 minutes press the 7ph neutral / purify button, press power and let the machine run for 5 minutes. This starts the flushing process. After 5 minutes turn off the power and wait for 5 minutes and then flush for 10 minutes. During this flushing time you can collect a sample of the water coming out of the machine and if it contains an abundance of white flakes or particles then you should repeat this entire process again.

12. When the flushing process is complete, re-install the used filter or new one whichever is applicable using rubber gloves. Remember to replace the clear flat rubber disc on top of the filter. Push the filter back into the filter compartment and then screw the white cap back on. Place the side covering back on the Ionizer.

Well Done!!!!

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