Chanson Miracle Max Water Ionizer






The Miracle Max Royale produces 500ppb of molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in existence. It penetrates deep into the cells preventing cellular damage. Click here to see more on molecular hydrogen.

Chanson-RAD1. The Radical Action De-Calcification Self-Cleaning System (RAD)
This Chanson patented automatic self-cleaning system extends the life of the Ionizer for years.

a, A four second cleaning system activates every time you use the machine.

b, A one minute extensive clean activates after every 10,000 litres used.


Chanson-Control-Valve2. Advanced Ceramic Control Valve
This valve is the first of its kind and allows the user to increase or decrease the water flow rate to suit the strength of water required.


Chanson-LED3. Micro Adjustable Settings
The user can adjust the pH setting by 0.1 increments. For example you can have 9.3 pH water instead of 9.5 pH water by simply pressing the digital touch screen setting.



Note: This increment adjustment is very important for people who need to detox their body slowly. This means starting to drink alkaline water between 7pH-8pH.

4. Chanson’s Advanced Electronic Delivery System
This system uses 150 wattage of electricity without sacrificing performance. Lower power means less heat, and less heat means longer life to all components inside the Ionizer.

Chanson-Titanium-Plates5. Chanson Titanium Plates
Chanson manufacturers use the best plates in the world in their Ionizers. They use seven of the largest 99.998% pure titanium plates with high quality Nano coating. Nano coating creates a denser coating on the ionizer plates which provides many years of solid performance.
6. Miracle Max Filter
Miracle Max is fitted internally with a chemical-free silver-impregnated coconut shell carbon block filter which produces superior filtration.
a. It has 20 times better absorbing ability than other filters.
b. It absorbs lead, chlorine and bad odours.
c. It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.
Chanson-Control-Valve7. The Miracle Max Water Flow Rate
The water flow rate of 2 litres per minute ensures excellent antioxidant water.
Beware of companies claiming higher flow rates as they will not produce good alkaline water.
8. LCD Display Panel features:

  • Fully waterproof touch – screen panel.
  • No grease-collecting buttons (some brands use buttons).
  • Displays pH setting number with level of alkalinity and acidity.
  • Water flow speed.
  • Filter life indicator.
  • Speaker volume level.
  • Water deficiency indicator.
  • Orp (oxidation reduction potential) value indicates the level of antioxidant
    properties in the water.


9. Locking Keyboard
This safety key prevents children and the elderly from changing settings and drinking over acidic or strong alkaline water.

10. Filter Life Indicator
This indicator tells you when the Ionizer filter needs changing (note: approx. every 12 months).

Product Specifications:

Machine size:
Height: 12” x 9.75” Wide
Depth: 5.5”
Effective flow rate: 2 – 2.5 litres per minute
pH: 2.5 – 11.8
ORP: plus 1,000 – minus 850
Plates: 7
Weight: 9.1 pounds
Power Consumption: 50 – 125 watts
Filter Use: approximately 9000 litres over 12 months
Temperatures: 98 degrees F
Power Consumption: 50 – 125 watts

Free package with your Ionizer:

  • Free pH water test kit
  • Faucet/Tap adapter
  • Quick and easy installation DVD provided
  • Owner’s manual
  • Connectors for standard faucet install
  • Integrated wall mount inserts on back of unit

Frequently asked questions:

Q; How long have you been selling and servicing the Chanson Ionizers?

A: Since 2014 – We are the only company in Ireland solely selling Chanson Ionizers.


Q: Is it advisable to use a pre-filter with an Ionizer?

A:  Yes, we recommend pre-filtering because:

  • Pre – filtration adds extra protection for your health. It guarantees you have super clean healthy water.
  • Guarantees the efficiency of your Ionizer for years to come.
  • Not all water is the same – it may look the same but can contain different contaminants.
  • It removes agreater percentage of chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, arsenic, heavy metals, bacteria, iron, pharmaceuticals and other health damaging contaminants.


Q: How do I know which filter to use?

A: At Helen Coe Health Care we pride ourselves on delivering to you our customer the specific type of filter needed to filter your water. In most cases a simple water test ascertains which filter is needed. The test is FREE and we do it for you. (click on types of filters).


Q: How will I know when to change the filter?

A: The Ionizer has an automatic built in system where it will show you on the screen when your Ionizer filter needs changing (usually within 12 months at a low cost of 70 euros).

The pre- filter only needs changing annually depending on the usage and the type of water being filtered. All replacement instructions are easy to follow in your Miracle Max  Ionizer Owner’s Manual.


Q: How long does it take to install?

A: Installation of the Miracle Max Ionizer takes approximately half an hour. All instructions are provided with the DVD and owner’s manual.


Q: How do I know how to work the machine ?

A: Once installed we will visit your home / business and demonstrate how the machine works.


Q: Once installed do you check the machine settings ?

A: Once the machine is installed we will visit your home / business and check all the settings for you. Note: settings vary depending on the source water.


Q: What is the Helen Coe Healthcare after care service?

A: We are available to answer any questions / concerns you may have at any time.


We provide details on how to maintain your Ionizer with a citric acid wash.

We have a designated Repair / Servicing area.

We stock replacement filters.

We give a 5 year warranty, a free pH test kit so you can personally test your water and  a free owner’s manual.


Note: Chanson Ionizers meet International Accreditation Forum the world association of conformity standards, and is registered with the International Strategic Registrations.



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